The 870 Inman Residential Condominiums partnered with Prolitec to create a pleasant atmosphere that improved tenant satisfaction.

Potential residents have no shortage of high-end condominiums in Atlanta, Georgia to choose to call home. So what can a 10-year-old apartment building suffering from environmental malodors do to stand out? This was the question Kristy Cowell, Property Manager of 870 Inman Residential, asked herself.

“It smelled horrible,” Kristy explained to Prolitec representative John Brinkman. 870 Inman Residential was facing serious trash and restaurant malodors that were spreading throughout the building. Kristy and her team at 870 Inman Residential were feeling frustrated: “We went through a long project trying to fix that. It is such a turn off to a building.”

A recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive showed that 88 percent of people cite odor as an indicator of an environment’s cleanliness—or lack thereof. Kristy knew she needed to find a long-term solution for her pungent woes.

That’s when Kristy turned to Prolitec. Prolitec’s patented AirQ technology eliminates malodors while creating a refreshing atmosphere.

Prolitec installed scenting machines near the Indian restaurant adjacent to 870 Inman Residential and in the complex’s trash room.

Kristy beamed as she described her residents’ reactions, “Once Prolitec got in here and they put in their scents, (there were) so many compliments, ‘Thank God!’ and ‘Thank you so much!’

Prolitec’s scenting services have helped many real estate complexes improve their tenant retention rates. And this simple environmental change couldn’t be easier to implement. Kristy admits, “I never even honestly have to think about it. They’re here, they come, they take care of it, there’s never any odors, and it’s perfect. The whole system has just been perfect.”

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