Eliminate Unwanted Odors

Consider all your scent wishes granted with Genie. This proprietary molecular technology targets malodors and odor-causing bacteria in commercial spaces leaving a subtle, clean, and beautiful atmosphere that people will love. Our perfumers and scientists tailor our Genie fragrances to target specific types of odor issues, from bathrooms and trash to pet and sweat, ensuring they provide the best available odor neutralizing services.

Our Collections Target the Worst Odor Offenders


Genie Restroom

94% of adults find odor contributes to their perception of a dirty restroom. Ensure your customers have a better restroom experience with our Genie Restroom line of fragrances.

Genie Trash

From large dumpster areas to trash chutes, our two Genie Trash fragrances eliminate even the most challenging odors, leaving a fresh, sparkling clean atmosphere.

Genie Food

The Genie Food line is designed to eliminate stale, lingering food odors to improve the hospitality experience. The two fragrances complement dining experiences with crisp citrus and bright aromatics.

Genie Pet

Struggling with odors from our furry friends in your pet business? The Genie Pet line is your solution. Our fragrances are safe for people and pets, and designed to combat unwanted odors, leaving a fresh, welcoming atmosphere.

Genie Smoke

If you have smoke odors in your business, our Genie Smoke line can help. The fragrances are proven to neutralize these stubborn odors, even in the most high-traffic environments such as bustling casino floors.

Genie Pest

Pest control can cause lingering odors in your customers’ spaces. We’ve analyzed more than 400 volatile compounds produced during the different stages of decomposition to identify odor-causing molecules and our Genie Pest fragrances are tailored to specifically neutralize them.


Genie Restrooms & Pets

@ Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

“Ambient scent can positively impact the travel experience, which is why we diffuse freshening scents in our high-traffic areas. SEA has partnered with Prolitec’s scenting system, Genie, since 2017 to successfully neutralize unwanted odors in restrooms and pet relief areas. Creating pleasantly scented areas is part of how we create an elevated passenger experience at SEA.”

Genie Smoke

@ Snoqualmie Casino, Seattle Washington

“We had issues with smoke odors in the fabrics and carpets. The best thing about working with Prolitec is their service. I have a lot of things on my plate and I don’t think about it. It’s been a fantastic deal the whole way around.”

Genie Trash

@ Legacy Condos, Gulfport MS

“Our trash rooms are at the entrance of our property. The first impression is a lasting impression and the last thing we wanted people to smell is trash. Genie is a night and day difference. It deodorizes the trash smell and gives a pleasant odor.”

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