The world is on the move again. With people returning to travel, is your brand ready? Scent can be a key element in welcoming back guests, creating an elevated atmosphere and a memorable experience.



Improve Guest Loyalty

The sense of smell can be harnessed to further guest satisfaction and develop a loyal consumer base for hoteliers.

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Form Memories

 Ambient scent has positive impacts on recall, recognition, and even improved evaluations of brands.

Journal of Consumer Behavior

Reinforce a Sense of Clean

“8 in 10 people say that cleanliness is the main factor that influences their perception of a hotel’s values.”


Breathe Easier

Our Wellness Collection features essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, pine, hinoki, and peppermint. These essential oils are proven to support respiratory health.

Odor issue? Meet Genie — our genius odor remediation technology


“On behalf of Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague, please allow me to present our recommendation for the aroma products of Prolitec. 

Our aromas have brought another level of comfort for our guests.  Pure, high-quality aroma anytime.

The sense of smell is one of the most influential human senses.  Blue Wood fragrance gives our customers a very positive experience that our guests recall because it evokes a feeling of a spring walk through the woods.”

Michal Chour, General Manager

Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague

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