A comforting brick-and-mortar atmosphere is crucial as retailers welcome back shoppers. Scent can help people feel at ease and foster new, positive brand experiences.

Increase Shopper Dwell Time

“People stay to examine products longer in stores with pleasing scented environments, increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases.”

Vinitzky & Mazurksy

Make your brand
more memorable

“The presence of a pleasant ambient scent improves brand evaluations and recall, especially for unfamiliar brands.”

University of Pittsburgh

Drive spending and
Boost revenue

“Placing a product in an appropriately fragranced display significantly enhances the price customers are willing to pay.”

Fiore, Yah & Yoh

Enhance your customer’s shopping experience

“The presence of a soothing scent alleviates anxiety, helping customers to feel more relaxed, comfortable, and confident making purchasing decisions.”

Lee, Kim & Vohs

Odor issue? Meet Genie — our genius odor remediation technology


“Spreads scents not only where the machine is installed, but in every part of the store evenly… we are very satisfied…  I feel that our clients stay longer … and they are more relaxed while shopping… it seems that younger customers are more encouraged to purchase our products… the image of the brand and the scent match perfectly…”

Mr. Yamanaka, Shop Manager

ECCO, Omotesando, Japan

“We are pleased with the decision to work with Prolitec fragrances, as the optical and olfactory experience for the customer is now a harmonic one. The feedback we receive is confirming these expectations.”

Silvia Guetl, Sales Manager

Högl Shoes

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