Perfectly Scented Environments

Setting the standard for enhancing indoor environments through fragrance.

Seasoned Scent Communicators

We all have memories associated with scent. Companies are just beginning to harness the potential of experiential marketing with scent. At Prolitec, we’ve been perfecting scent as a medium of communication to deliver enhanced customer experiences since 1996.


We are trusted advisors to companies that want to benefit from the powers of fragrance in scented environments. Using our technological and fragrance expertise, we develop customized strategies for our clients for the effective use of scent to create a sense of place, and to promote and brand products and services.

Our step by step approach to helping clients is detailed, but our goal is simple: we work with you to produce the best scent effect for your business. Our experienced consultants and full-service program set us apart from other ambient scenting companies.

Our Approach


Harness the power of scent to create a positive experience for customers and guests.

Brand Marketing

Build brand connections.

Product Promotion

Differentiate from the competition.


Utilize scent to shift perceptions.

Odor Remediation

Create a fresh environment.



Do holiday smells encourage consumers spend more?

More and more retailers are turning to holiday fragrances to help elicit that nostalgic feeling. Fragrance is more subtle than sound. Often, patrons don’t even consciously perceive scents. Yet, smell can evoke nostalgic feelings even more powerfully than other ambient elements.



Maybe Abercrombie Was Partly Right About Using So Much Smell in Its Stores

When Abercrombie toned down their scent, they mishandled an important opportunity to do it right. A recent study found that store scent had the most significant impact on people's perceptions of their time spent shopping.