The right scent can be a breath of fresh air  and turn a space into a welcoming comforting atmosphere. It’s a brand experience that people powerfully connect with.

Our Revolutionary Approach

Uniform, hypoallergenic and full-service. Our US-based manufacturing teams create safe and effective scent systems to serve 83 countries around the world. Our proprietary technology and high-quality scents provide beautiful experiences in commercial settings of all sizes.

Scenting by Industry

We improve the customer experience of 37 million people around the globe each day

Meet Genie — Our Genius Odor Remediation Technology. Enhance the sense of clean in your space

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere
Connect with Your Customers on Emotional LevelsIncrease Dwell Time and Grow Your BrandEliminate Unwanted Odors and Boost the Feeling of Clean

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Prolitec® is the leading provider of ambient scent services and commercial odor neutralization and has helped brands in 83 countries improve their customer experience.


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