As we emerge from the pandemic, scent is the first step in creating a reassuring environment that brings a sense of comfort to patients & staff as they walk through your doors.


Reinforce the sense of clean

Emory Healthcare conducted research on the impact of scenting in emergency wards. They found the scented areas enjoyed a 3X improvement on their cleanliness score, attributed to the scent as there were no changes to the cleaning regimen.

Relax your patients

“The presence of positive ambient scents can result in a lower level of anxiety, a more positive mood, and a higher level of calmness.”


Improve the wait

“Ambient scent can reduce perceived waiting times [and] appears to result in a higher evaluation of service.”


Odor issue? Meet Genie — our genius odor remediation technology


“Our patients love the inviting welcome with the smell of Marsala when walking into our office! The smell of the atmosphere eases the patients of their anxiety. The aroma provides an excellent working environment as well. We highly recommend the company and their service is exceptional. Thank you Prolitec!”

Siddharth Patel, Manager
VSP Dental, Danville, VA

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