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Improve your Brand Recognition and Customer Experience

Time to Move Beyond the Candle

Your modern design deserves today’s scent solution. Prolitec delivers fragrance through elegant, subtle, and efficient diffusion using a scent system that is maintenance free. Our extensive scent catalog can provide any desired experience and it is constantly updated to ensure that our fragrances are both on trend and relevant. If you’re interested in further differentiating your brand, we offer world class perfumers to create your custom signature scent.

A Modern Scent Solution for Modern Design

Just like music and visual décor, ambient scenting can build brand associations, promote products, and create enjoyable and inviting interior atmospheres that enhance the customer, tenant, and guest experience.

Scent Reaches People on Emotional Levels

“Scent creates more emotionally charged memory traces than those that are evoked by verbal, visual, auditory or tactile cues.”

John Wiley & Sons, Journal of Consumer Behavior, 2012

People Remember What They Smell

Long term, we are 100x more likely to remember something we smell than what we see, hear, touch or taste.

2004 Nobel Prize winners in Physiology/Medicine


“AirQ products by Prolitec are superior quality products with long lasting durability. The specific scent helps our stores to diversify from competing shops and brands and provides the costumer better identification with brand. The scent also supports the increase of a positive purchasing atmosphere. The costumers are happy to come back in the store, where they can find thanks to the Prolitec scent (and our shoes) something special and extraordinary.”

Jan Lansberg

Skechers Shoes, Czech Republic

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Prolitec® is the leading provider of scent delivery systems and has helped brands in 83 countries create perfectly scented environments.


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