Enhance Customer Experience

Bring a Breath of Fresh Air to Your Space

Provide Reassurance & Comfort

Fragrance is a key signal for a Clean, Healthy place for Relaxation and Comfort.


Global Study – Firmenich

Replace Anxiety with Positive Feelings

Scent can connect people in a socially distant world, generating positive feelings and memories about a brand.


Rutgers University

Help People Breathe Easier

Active ingredients in our fragrances, such as essential oils, support respiratory health and mental well-being.

Our Fragrances

Prolitec delivers fragrance through elegant, subtle, and efficient diffusion, with a focus on wellness and customer experience. Our sustainably sourced fragrances contain proprietary molecules that augment the cleanliness of your space and create a welcoming experience with natural essential oils and aromatherapy scents.

Play Fragrance – Breathe Easier


“AirQ™ products by Prolitec are superior quality products with long lasting durability. The specific scent helps our stores to diversify from competing shops and brands and provides the costumer better identification with brand. The scent also supports the increase of a positive purchasing atmosphere. The costumers are happy to come back in the store, where they can find thanks to the Prolitec scent (and our shoes) something special and extraordinary.”

Jan Lansberg

Skechers Shoes, Czech Republic

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Prolitec® is the leading provider of ambient scent services and commercial odor neutralization and has helped brands in 83 countries improve their customer experience.


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