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Commercial Properties

“Prolitec guided us in the selection of a signature scent that reflects our property and our brand. They do an excellent job of designing, installing, and maintaining perfectly scented spaces in our properties.

Our goal was to create the most memorable and positive experience for our tenants, and their guests, by engaging all the senses. Prolitec has helped us do that by adding a unique dimension to our properties that differentiates us within our industry. And best of all, with no extra burden to our staff. They take care of it all.”

Fallon Macek, Property Manager, Parkway Properties

Retail Spaces

“Our clients stay longer than before. They are more relaxed while shopping.

You can enjoy the scent as soon as you enter the shop, we can give the impression that we provide the high-end products, which better match our price-range. It seems that younger customers are more encouraged to purchase our products.

Since we introduced the fragrance, the image of the brand and the scent match perfectly and it provides a good atmosphere for both customers and the staffs.”

Mr. Yamanaka, Shop Manager, ECCO Japan


“For us, ambient scenting is the subtle, pleasant odor
our guests smell…

The key is properly diffusing the scent, so it’s not overpowering. Just like lighting, temperature, and music, the sensory experience we create complements the design and décor of our lobbies.

Most importantly, we casually ask guests for feedback and are willing to explore other options if our guests are not satisfied with it, but we haven’t had to make any changes!”

Chris Lorino, Regional Director of Operations | Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Award Winning Provenance Hotels


“On behalf of Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague, please allow me to present our recommendation for the aroma products of Prolitec.

Our aromas have brought another level of comfort for our guests. Pure high-quality aroma anytime.

The sense of smell is one of the most influential human senses. Blue Wood aroma gives our customers a very positive experience that our guests recall because it evokes a feeling of a spring walk through the woods.”

Michal Chour, General Manager, Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague

Assisted Living

“Prolitec’s scent program has been instrumental in elevating the aroma and overall smell of our facility.  We were able to tweak and adjust the scent with their remote Wi-Fi technology to administer and find the right scent level and frequency of administering.   By adjusting the scent levels, locations, and frequency in both the common areas and HVAC system this has really neutralized smells of incontinence, and added a fresh lemongrass ginger scent that is pleasantly refreshing in the building.  Prolitec’s scent program will improve the overall ambience in your facility and they are excellent with their rollout and customer service.”

Brian H., Administrator, Foundations Health Long Term Care

Work Spaces

Google operates expansive campuses across India and works with Prolitec to create pleasant atmospheres in the high-traffic buildings for their employees.

“We are specifically grateful to you & your technical team for the contribution and efforts that you always put in. I don’t have enough words to appreciate the kind of work that you guys are doing continuously and more importantly your willingness to rectify the problem in a short span of time.”

Google Campus Manager, Abishek Bajpai


“We have made those areas more pleasant cooperate with Prolitec, where our passengers feel stressful themselves, for example the security check zones. After a long test period we have chosen Airy fragrance, which is a modern oriental floral scent with the feelings of casual elegance and relaxing sophistication. The notes of the scent are white flower, milk, amber, wood and musk.

The positive feedbacks from our passengers confirm us that they are more relaxed in this enchanting scented environment and they feel the time passes rapidly.”

Budapest Airport Spokesperson


“Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is committed to the safety and well-being of our passengers. This includes a deep emphasis on cleanliness to protect the health of those working and traveling during the pandemic.

Ambient scent can positively impact the travel experience, which is why we diffuse freshening scents in our high-traffic areas. SEA has partnered with Prolitec’s scenting system, Genie, since 2017 to successfully neutralize unwanted odors in restrooms and pet relief areas. Prolitec’s proprietary technology targets malodors and odor-causing bacteria on the molecular level.

Focusing on cleanliness and creating pleasantly scented areas is part of how we create
an elevated passenger experience at SEA.”

Valentine Smith, C.M., Manager, Custodial Services at Port of Seattle

Canvas Credit Union

“We had a lot of really strong feedback and overall, it’s been super, super positive.”

Tansey Stearns
Chief People and Strategy Officer

Camden Vantage Apartments

We get 99% positive feedback from our residents.

Greg Rice
Community Manager

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