How are retailers welcoming back shoppers to their brick & mortar stores in a post lockdown world? The Morning Brew – a leading publication examining current business trends – tackled this question in a recent article.

“As consumers may be reluctant to return to stores, one way for retailers to communicate safety and cleanliness may be for the stores to smell that way,” reports the New York City based media outlet.

They sat down with Roger Bensinger, EVP of Commercial Business here at Prolitec, to get insights into the impact scenting has for retailers in today’s world.

Roger outlined our own experience, how Prolitec’s “Scents of Clean” fragrances are our biggest current hits. With offerings like Mint & Eucalyptus, Citrus & Sage, and Linen & Lemon, the fragrance collection helps meet a need for retailers, the “need to walk into the space and have a sense that this space is clean and properly maintained,” Bensinger said.

Our scent services have helped retail giants like Skechers, Petco, L’Occitane, and Haagen-Dazs elevate the in-store experience for their customers.

As Morning Brew summed things up, “if the enormous growth of scent companies suggests anything, it’s that shoppers can be led by the nose.”

Visit Morning Brew to read the full interview.