Retail is no longer just about products, it’s about an experience.

“The physical store is actually very important component that sets aside our brand from other brands and the physical experience has to be very very distinct and has to be very sensory,” says Jessica Wong, co-owner of Scene Shang, a contemporary furniture and homeware company in Singapore.

We worked with the brand to find the best scent for them, a delightful woody selection that ties to their products and evokes the luxury and glamour of 1930s Far East Art Deco style.  Diffusing the scent elevates customer experience and reassures shoppers that the store is crisp, clean, and safe.

“I think that the scent in the space has connected a lot of customers with us,” co-owner Pamela Ting said in a recent interview with us. “Prolitec made sure we found a scent that was fitting for the brand that was comfortable for us and our customers.”

“It triggers a memory for them and that’s why I think it was very important for us to find a scent that would work in the minds of our consumers,” Wong added. “Customers really love the smell so I think this all worked out really well. We’re quite happy with everything”