Navigating the world of ambient scenting for your business can feel like a sensory overload. With so many providers vying for your attention, how do you choose the right one? We had the privilege of sitting down with Brandon Norberg, Senior Director of Business Development for North America, and John Fry, Senior Field Service Engineer. Together, they shared invaluable tips on selecting an ambient scent provider that perfectly fits your business needs.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Scent Provider Selection

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is assuming that their staff can manage the scenting experience internally. Brandon puts it succinctly, “Trust our expertise. Find a partner that can service your short-term needs and long-term goals.” The burden of changing cartridges, safely handling fragrances, and stockpiling inventory can detract from the core responsibilities of your team and create a volatile guest experience. “If you delegate the scenting experience to your staff, details can be missed and scent levels can be mismanaged,” Brandon warns. Instead, look for a full-service provider that takes the hassle out of your hands, ensuring consistent and professional management of your scenting needs.

Safety and Quality Over Cost

Another critical factor to consider is the safety and quality of the fragrances used. Cutting corners with cheaper competitors can lead to compromised safety and subpar experiences. Prolitec, for example, ensures their fragrances conform to IFRA and OSHA standards, and their appliances are certified to UL/CB/FCC/CE electrical safety standards.

“Their patented diffusion technology creates a perceptible scent effect with trace quantities of scent material in the air (0.000002% concentration), a level so small it can be considered hypoallergenic,” Brandon said. “This ensures not only a pleasant aroma but also a safe environment for your customers and employees.”

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction and Retention

When choosing a scent provider, the satisfaction of their current customers can be a telling indicator of their reliability. “At Prolitec, we pride ourselves in retention, having less than 1% in yearly churn. We look at your business as a long-term partnership,” Brandon shares. With a 99% satisfaction rating from over 7,000 customer surveys, Prolitec demonstrates a commitment to maintaining excellent customer relationships.

“We don’t set our service and forget it. As you grow your business, our services evolve. We can assist with your expansion and the evolution of your brand. Our goals and objectives are to work in concert with your team and brand,” Brandon says, underscoring the importance of a provider that can adapt and grow with your business.

Expert Insights from the Field

With more than 13 years of experience in commercial scenting and more than 18 years in customer-facing roles, John Fry echoes Brandon’s sentiments. “Choosing based solely on price and selecting a subpar quality provider who doesn’t maintain high-quality standards is a common trap companies fall into when choosing a provider,” John adds.

He explains that the cheapest provider is often the cheapest for a reason, and low-quality products are more likely to fail. “Lower quality companies will show less respect for a facility and property,” John warns, emphasizing the importance of quality in both products and service.

John also advises visiting local customers of a potential scent provider to experience the scent firsthand. “Trust comes from reliability; the best relationships happen when there is trust,” John says.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Provider

When evaluating potential scent providers, consider the following factors:

  • Full-Service Capability: Ensure the provider offers comprehensive service management so your staff can focus on their primary responsibilities.
  • Safety and Quality Standards: Verify that the provider’s fragrances and appliances meet industry safety standards.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention: Look for providers with high customer satisfaction rates and low churn rates, indicating reliable and consistent service.
  • Field Technicians and Manufacturer Quality: Assess the quality of both the manufacturer and the field technicians to ensure reliability and professionalism.
  • Firsthand Experience: Visit local current customers to smell and experience the scent for yourself.


Selecting the right ambient scent provider is crucial for creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers and employees. By avoiding common pitfalls, prioritizing safety and quality, and considering customer satisfaction, you can find a provider that not only meets – but exceeds your expectations.

Ready to enhance your business with the perfect ambient scent? Reach out to Prolitec today and discover how a tailored scenting solution can elevate your brand.

By Prolitec Marketing Manager, Alison Lowery