SEATTLE, Dec. 15, 2015  — Prolitec Inc., the technology and market leader in commercial ambient scenting, today announced the release of a high-performance odor neutralizing system designed specifically for commercial restrooms and other small spaces with difficult to solve malodor problems.

Introducing Genie

The new hygiene system, called Genie, is computer-controlled and derived from Prolitec’s large space ambient scenting systems, which are installed in nearly 100,000 locations in 83 countries.

“Genie is a game changer for high-traffic, high-pressure restrooms,” said Robert Barnett, Prolitec VP of Global Sales. “It’s both efficient and cost-effective:

A single Genie compact appliance can replace up to 10 traditional restroom air fresheners.

Best of all, Genie is programmable to precisely match the size of the room, producing a scent effect which eliminates odors but is never overwhelming.”

Genie uses Prolitec’s patented AirQ™ technology to erase unwanted odors in much the same way as a premium headset cancels unwanted noise, Barnett explained. “Genie cancels the human perception of the bad odor and replaces it with a very pleasant, subtle scent,” he said. It provides coverage of up to 15,000 cubic feet (425 cubic meters) in interior spaces where ambient scenting is used for odor remediation.

Unpleasant Odors Turn Away Customers

As research amply illustrates, malodors can create negative impressions that undermine the customer experience in any interior environment. For example, in a recent survey conducted by Prolitec at a casino,

7 of 10 said they felt bad odors in the restroom meant the restaurant was not clean;

5 of 10 said they were unlikely to return as a result of those malodors.

By contrast, research has repeatedly shown that people in pleasantly scented environments are more likely to have positive brand associations with the products and services they encounter there. “Improved air quality in high-traffic restrooms results in a more pleasant, hygienic atmosphere and happier visitors,” said Richard Weening, Prolitec CEO.

“Genie solves a difficult problem: odor issues. It is the perfect solution for high-traffic commercial restrooms and also smaller, back-of-house spaces,” Weening noted.

Genie Odor Eliminating Fragrances:

Clean Cotton – The essence of clean and fresh are conveyed through tart lemon, invigorating aldehydes and bubbly ozonic notes, and enhanced by comforting floral nuances and creamy musk.

Tidal Wave – A lively fusion of zesty orange and crisp greens opens to lovely white flowers and lily of the valley. Soft sandalwood and musk add dimension and richness.

Waterfall – The combination of effervescent citrus and breezy aldehydic notes modernizes the classic heart of powdery violet, evoking the memory of warm breezes carrying the scent of fragrant blossom.

Spring Fresh – Lush, watery greens blended with the aroma of beautiful lily are supported by powdery aspects and smooth musk. Touches of red apple and juicy pear add a sparkling freshness.

Genie will be sold by Prolitec’s US sales organization to multiple-location companies, and through selected hygiene companies in the US, Europe, Japan, and Asia.

To learn more about how Genie can eliminate odors for your business, contact us today!

About Prolitec Inc.

Founded in 1996, Prolitec is a technology-enabled air care services company that develops patented scent diffusion technologies to create perfectly scented environments. Prolitec enables commercial clients like retailers, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals and other businesses to use scent as a medium of communication, translating brand values to their customers and enhancing the customer experience.




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