Eliminate Unwanted Odors

Now more than ever, the feeling of clean is crucial for your commercial space. Our proprietary molecular technology targets malodors and odor-causing bacteria to create a welcoming and reassuring atmosphere.

Reassure People Your Space is Clean

A recent poll showed that 88 percent of people cite odor as an indicator of an environment’s cleanliness—or lack thereof.

Harris Interactive Survey

Encourage Good Hygiene

Research at a Miami based hospital found that an ambient citrus fragrance increased instances of hand cleaning among staff by 32%.

Health Psychology Journal

Show You’re a Caring Workspace

93% of people believe the condition of a workplace is an indicator of how much a company values its employees.

Society for Human Resource Management

Welcome Tenants & Guests

Guests who perceived the rooms as not clean generally were a whopping 213 points less satisfied than those who thought their spaces were clean.

J.D. Power

Improve the Go – Attract Customers

94% of adults find odor contributes to their perception of a dirty restroom and 56% say they are unlikely to return to a business after an unpleasant restroom experience.

Harris Interactive Poll & Bradley Corp

Technology for all Odor Issues

Our patented molecular technology is tailored to target specific types of odor issues, from bathrooms and trash to pet and sweat. Our researchers, perfumers, and scientists panel test our fragrances to ensure they provide the best available odor neutralizing services, leaving just a subtle, clean, and beautiful atmosphere that people will love.


“I hope your scenting services stay here forever. I don’t have enough words to appreciate the kind of work that you guys are doing continuously and more importantly your willingness to rectify the problem in a short span of time.”

Google Manager Abhishek Bajpai

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