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The future of restroom malodor control.

Meet Genie

The high-performance odor-neutralizing system designed specifically for commercial restrooms with difficult-to-solve malodor problems.

Genie Can Help Grow Your Business

Improved air quality and pleasant scents in high traffic restrooms results in a more hygienic atmosphere and happier visitors.

Expert Fragrances

Choose between four signature malodor-neutralizing scents, crafted by master perfumers exclusively for Genie.

Revolutionary Technology

Experience a new world of restroom air treatment technology from the leader in scent delivery systems. Genie employs Prolitec’s patented AirQ™ technology to diffuse an even, long-lasting scent effect capable of replacing up to ten traditional restroom air fresheners. Best of all, Genie is programmable to precisely fit any size space, eliminating odors in even the highest traffic restrooms but never overwhelming.


“I hope your scenting services stay here forever. I don’t have enough words to appreciate the kind of work that you are doing.”

Abishek Bajpai

Google Campus Manager

How can Prolitec work for you?

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