Prolitec’s Passion Mystique scent is picking up speed at the largest official Mercedes-Benz dealer in Korea, Han Sung Motors.
Diffused in every showroom, the fragrance will also be incorporated in air fresheners and as gifts to Han Sung Motors’ Mercedes-Benz VIP customers and the new S-Class customers. The article gives an inside look into Passion Mystique, the value it has added to the dealership, and the process of developing it.

“Han Sung CEO Ulf Ausprung has long known the impact of scenting in the industry. Six years ago, he announced that the dealership had found the ‘most effective way’ to build stronger customer relationships is through scent,” the magazine reported.

According to Auto Dealer Today Magazine, a source of the most up-to-date news, data, and best practices for dealerships, this custom fragrance is forming stronger connections between brand and client.

“The fragrance is called Passion Mystique, and is the latest signature scent produced by Prolitec for Han Sung Motors, the largest official Mercedes-Benz dealer in Korea.” Auto Dealer Today wrote. “Fostering a unique bond between the brand and customer, this fragrance sets a new, revolutionary industry standard and creates the “new car smell of success” at Han Sung.”

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