With scent marketing making its way into the commercial real estate industry, building owners are jumping on board, nose first.

“It’s not just putting an air freshener in a socket. This is much more complex in evaluating a brand and selecting just the right scent for it,” said Mike Fransen, chief operating officer for the Parkway Partners, a Houston-based commercial real estate company that uses Prolitec scenting in 15 of their buildings.

Ambient scenting in commercial spaces can create brand awareness and a positive atmosphere, welcoming tenants and visitors alike.  As this trend grows, brands such as Google and Amazon are taking notice and adding scent to their large office spaces to improve the work environment for employees. 

“The concept of scent marketing has been around for a long time, but it’s really [now] starting to enter the commercial real estate industry,” said Jeff Sneed, vice president of sales for Prolitec. 

Realtor Magazine, of the National Association of Realtors recently had a look at this trend and featured Prolitec scent marketing.  To read the full article in Realtor Magazine, click here.