A relatively new movement is blossoming into a world-wide industry – coworking is reshaping how millions of people work, and we are excited to add our two-scents.

This last April, industry leaders gathered in Denver for the largest global coworking conference series, GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference). Over the course of three days, designers, software companies, financial analysts, and of course, our scent experts, delved into the nuts and bolts of how to enhance shared workspaces.

“41 percent reported ambient scenting as a key way to improve the workplace experience,” according to AllWork, one of the primary news sources in the flexible workspace industry.

So what exactly did we do in Denver?

During our time at GCUC, we had the opportunity to network, attend panel sessions and hold group discussions on scenting in coworking spaces among other prevalent topics to workspace operators and real estate owners.

We listened to keynote speakers address topics regarding all aspects of starting, maintaining, and improving your coworking location. One topic of particular interest to us was the effects of biophilic design in the workspace. This design method can be used to connect occupants by incorporating elements from nature to maximize productivity and happiness throughout the workday. Our senses can unite people together in unexpected ways, one of which happens to be scent.

What did we take away from the experience?

A study published in 2008 by Cornell University found that

“…introducing an ambient scent into a meeting room increased the number of social interactions between the study’s participants.”

We discovered that not only is the community-based industry growing but ambient scenting can and will play a successful part in it. Prolitec walked away from the event with a clear understanding of the five values of coworking; community, openness, collaboration, sustainability, and accessibility.

We can’t wait to be a part of this exciting movement and have scent play a role in each of these values going forward!