The best shopping experience doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, but it does take a nose.

As the leader in scent marketing, Prolitec uses ambient scent to enhance the shopping experience in malls and shopping centers around the world.

This work was recently recognized by the shopping center industry’s top publication, Tactics Magazine, who wrote about Prolitec’s success in increasing dwell time, driving sales, and ultimately creating a more relaxing shopping experience.

Tactics Magazine featured how Prolitec’s AirQ commercial scent systems enhance the shopping experience in centers from Woonmall Alexandrium (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Westfield Southcenter Mall (Seattle, USA), Real Plaza (Peru), to the iconic Oculus at the World Trade Center in New York City and HangLung Galleria in Hong Kong.

Prolitec incorporated ‘fresh and clean scent marketing’ in these locations, using their HVAC scent systems that diffuse an array of fragrances from their Hygiene+ Collection including Linen & Lemon, Mint & Eucalyptus, Citrus & Sage, and Lavender & Bergamot.

According to Tactics, shoppers at Real Plaza can expect to linger a little longer due to Prolitec’s fragrance designed for shoppers to feel more “at home.”

“This is a cool idea, a kind of preventing people realizing they’re approaching the ‘shopped till I dropped’ wall by placing an invigorating fragrance where (visitors) are forced to just stand around,” said Barry Schwartz, president of Schwartz Public Relations Associates to Tactics Magazine.

Other malls have expanded beyond traditional ambient scent and embraced seasonal options. Shoppers at Woonmall immerse themselves in the holiday season with custom Prolitec fragrances like Celebrations, Mulled Spices, and Christmas Delight, all of which have helped drive spending during the holiday season.

Tactics Magazine’s mission is to ‘inform, connect, acknowledge, and inspire’ both commercial real estate leaders and newcomers to the shopping center industry. Their report indicates that Prolitec’s patented technology is making a positive impact on consumers as malls reopen from the pandemic.

“If the team from Prolitec has anything to say about it, what shoppers will be smelling when they head back to the mall as COVID restrictions ease is cleanliness, of course, but also scents that give them a feeling of relaxation and comfort.”

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