Prolitec scent gives prospective renters a new lease on life

Multifamily Executive Magazine (MFE), a B2B publication of apartment and condo industry news, sat down with Executive Vice President of Prolitec, Roger Bensinger, to discuss how our scent services can complement a property’s branding and turn prospective renters into long term tenants.

“The objective is to create an experience that welcomes residents when they come in,” Bensinger said. “We also play an important role in making a first impression when a prospective renter walks in, and that’s an important objective for our clients.”

Embrey Partners’ Retreat at Cross Mountain community in San Antonio is one of the many clients in the industry that diffuses Prolitec’s Blue Wood fragrance. Property Manager at Cross Mountain, Yolanda Maldonado, reports the warm and elegant scent is a favorite with tenants. Management receives compliments and residents want to replicate the scent in their homes. Former residents have also returned to get the information on the scenting, according to Maldonado.

“A first impression is everything,” Maldonado said. “If you have the good smell, the perfect temperature, and a good team, that leaves an impression. That’s why we have our long-term residents.”

Multifamily communities play scent in lobby areas, clubhouses, fitness centers, leasing offices, trash rooms, and models, and even more facilities are turning to scent due to the pandemic.

With COVID, people are spending more time in their homes and working out of their homes, which has prompted managers in the multifamily industry to focus on a way to make the tenant experience as comfortable as possible, Bensinger explained.

“Properties really have to pay more attention to their amenities and what they’re providing in their common spaces, and scent plays an important role in that.”

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