With the early morning light just starting to spill over the horizon, Karla Martinez is likely already out in the field servicing clients. As a Senior Field Service Engineer for Prolitec, she is no mere technician; she is an architect of fostering lifelong connections.

I feel honored walking into a place I service, where everyone knows and everyone is happy to see me,” she says with a palpable pride that reverberates through her dedication. “Field Engineers are usually the first-person customers meet. Having a positive relationship with our customers makes the whole experience more enjoyable.”

Whether instilling client trust or executing in-depth site assessments, Karla and her team stand as pillars of excellence for Prolitec in the world of ambient scenting. Their dedication shines through, evident in the stellar testimonials and high satisfaction rates that they consistently garner.

Step into Karla’s world for a narrative that intertwines the fine art of client satisfaction with the silent, yet powerful influence fragrance. It’s an ode to Prolitec’s heritage of unparalleled service and the subtle, yet powerful, influence of scent—a testament to Prolitec’s legacy of unmatched delivery and a nod to the professionals who make it all happen.

From Production to Field Mastery

Karla began her adventure at Prolitec nine years ago in the least likely of places – the production floor. Tasked with the assembly of fragrance cartridges, her hands swiftly learned the finesse required in the crafting of scent appliances. Swiftly mastering the intricacies of bottling and cartridge assembly, she found her calling amidst the gears and gadgets of our scent appliances.

Her affinity for merging pieces into purposeful wholes soon elevated her to a connoisseur of appliance craft. Her exceptional skill set shone through, meriting a swift promotion to oversee our Return Merchandise Authorization process. In this role, she ensured every product met our high standards, maintaining our commitment to outstanding quality and customer satisfaction.

It was here, amidst the hum of problem-solving and collaboration, that Karla’s path intertwined with our adept field service team, sparking an eagerness to venture beyond the confines of production.

When a major retail chain sought Prolitec’s expertise for their intimate fitting spaces, Karla seized the moment. The blend of field installation training, peppered with the zest of interstate travel, was an adventure too tantalizing to pass up for someone who had only known the familiarity of Wisconsin and brief sojourns to neighboring Illinois.

The leap from production to a North Central field technician encompassing Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and the Dakotas, affirmed her transformation from assembler to ambassador of Prolitec’s services. Ensuring the seamless delivery of our distinct aromatic experiences, Karla’s foray into site surveys and maintenance became more than a job—it evolved into a craft, showcasing her commitment to service excellence and the enrichment of our commercial and residential clientele’s olfactory ambiance.

Today, as she reflects on her tenure, Karla cherishes the breadth of experience Prolitec has afforded her—a testament to unwavering dedication and the boundless prospects that arise from seizing the moment with both hands and a heart full of aspiration.

A Typical Day with a Flair for Service

Karla’s day unfolds with the precision of a seasoned expert, beginning with the strategic preparation of her van—a treasure trove of aromatic solutions ready to tackle the week ahead. Her routine is a practiced dance of installations and maintenance checks – sometimes up to 7 a day or more, each step executed with the perfect blend of dedication, skill, and warm client interactions that transform generic spaces into welcoming retreats.

Site surveys, she notes, present the most significant challenges. “It’s important to be diligent during site surveys and give multiple install options so that the customer can pick which one is more suited for them,” Karla shares. “It’s important for me to experience the malodor to see how strong it is and it will help us determine what it will take to mitigate.” Every venue brings its own set of complications, demanding an astute eye and adaptable approach to solve a client’s scent goals or issues.

The Art of Problem Solving

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is the problem-solving aspect of it,” Karla muses. It’s a window into her methodical mind, a glimpse at the person who relishes untangling the knots of technical conundrums. Solving issues for her is not just a task, but a vocation, one she approaches with the acuity of a seasoned field engineer and the passion of an artisan dedicated to their craft.

Whether facing a vast auditorium or a tight odorous space, no problem is too challenging. Karla brings a discerning judgment and a flexible mindset to meet the demands that each unique space requires. Her tale of triumph echoes in the halls of a country club, once besieged by persistent, off-putting smells.

“They were consistently having to spray the area with air fresheners to try to cover the scent and they were just not having any success,”

Stepping in, Karla expertly positioned three machines that emitted Prolitec’s “Sparkling Lime” fragrance. Six years on, the once-intractable odor is a distant memory.

The Tools for Success 

Karla’s profession takes her beyond mere client interactions. Away from the handshakes and conversations lies her domain—the relentless pursuit of scent clarity. Armed with wisdom and an arsenal of tools, she can provide clients with the best possible solutions.

Within her sophisticated cache of gadgets is the air flow tester—a device as slick as it is functional. With the grace of a maestro and the push of a button, this tool will release a puff of smoke that will show how air is flowing in a given area. It empowers Karla to discern the vigor and vector of airflow, which is paramount in determining where to position scent diffusers.

“It’s extremely important in our industry because it will help me determine the best placement for our wall mounted or floor appliances and will also help test air flow strength on supply ducts for HVAC installs,” Karla explained.

Whether wall-mounted or discreetly placed on the floor, the right spot is often a revelation, and mere inches can make all the difference, especially in the bustling drafts of a busy space.

But Karla’s toolkit isn’t all smoke and mirrors. The laser measure is her trusted ally, promptly delivering precise cubic footage of any given area. This number is key—it dictates the number of scent units required to envelop a space in the desired ambiance. While relying on provided dimensions is an option, verification ensures perfection.

Topping off this trifecta of technological mastery is ScenXus, a marvel that lets Karla seamlessly oversee all Wi-Fi-connected devices. Remote scent adjustments? Absolutely. A glimpse into schedules and fragrance levels? It’s all there at the touch of a button. For the clients, the magic lies in the simplicity—quick communication with Karla leads to near-instant scent harmony.

In this dance of diagnostics and adjustments, Karla wields her tools not merely as instruments, but as extensions of her expertise. Each tool plays its part in a symphony of services dedicated to delivering aromatic excellence.

Oh, The Places Karla Will Go

When asked about the most exhilarating aspect of her role, Karla’s response is swift and passionate: Travel.

“I have been all over the country and have been to places that I would have never even imagined traveling to,” Karla elaborated. “I’ve enjoyed my time at Prolitec and am extremely grateful for experiences I’ve had.”

In her role as a Senior Field Engineer, Karla’s career breaks free from the mundane, offering a canvas of discovery that stretches from the brisk breath of Alaska and the enchanting terrains of Pennsylvania to the rolling gold of Californian pastures and the vast shores of Puerto Rico.

But Karla’s travels aren’t merely pin drops on a map; they’re chapters of a grand adventure, each assignment enriching her career with new knowledge, perspectives, and a wealth of experience with each new install. From working the production line to forging her path as a field engineer, Karla’s Prolitec journey is one of discovery, impact, and ceaseless growth.

An Ode to the Unsung Hero

Karla Martinez embodies the essence of what makes Prolitec exceptional. Beyond her role as a field services engineer, Karla is the heart that pulses through the corridors she revives with her installations and fragrance installs. She carries herself with a blend of grace and professionalism that transcends the everyday, marking each space with a signature blend of aroma and expertise.

Her impact lingers long after she’s perfected the ambiance, leaving behind an aura of excellence. It’s Karla’s indelible contribution that cements Prolitec’s status not just as a scent provider, but as a creator of atmospheres where memories are made, all delivered with a dedication that speaks silently yet deeply to all who encounter her work.

Join us in celebrating the subtle art and enduring impact of professionals like Karla, for it’s through their skillful touch that the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

By: Alison Lowery, Prolitec Marketing Manager