Scent systems that will enhance your office space

It’s no surprise companies that use scent marketing are increasing, but what about office properties? Turns out more office spaces are turning to ambient scent to create relaxing work environments. With more employees returning back to the office, people want a refreshing space to come back to. By July 2021, 75% of executives anticipate that at least half of office employees will be working in the office.

Employees need to know why they should choose your office space—as opposed to any other coworking and office building. This is when Prolitec’s AirQ technology comes into play.

Scent marketing companies like Prolitec can help create relaxing, productive environments for people coming back to the office through ambient scent. Let’s outline how scent systems help you differentiate your space and enhance the workplace experience.

Cultivate personal relationships with clients

At its core, office and coworking spaces are about connecting with people. People, now more than ever, appreciate hand-written thank-you notes, customized phone calls, and other detail-oriented forms of communication that add that extra personal touch. So why not communicate to people through scent?

Prolitec scenting systems can help people relax and positively connect to your office space in a post pandemic world. “75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell” this can help people develop deep, positive feeling toward their workspace.

Whether it’s a free standing diffuser or an HVAC scent system, Prolitec scents are designed to create a uniform, relaxed ambient scent experience that encourages people to connect with your space.

Use your properties to enhance your community culture

You’ve created a desired culture for your office or coworking space, but have you ever considered how to implement that culture to your space? How can a property represent your company culture? Through a none other than commercial scent machine. To find out which scent compliments your office culture our scent experts will ask questions including but not limited to:

  • Who are our target tenants? What is our tenant persona?
  • Where do we excel in our office culture compared to our competition?
  • What message do we want to promote through our office space?

Based on your answers to these questions, we will delve deeper to find the perfect scent by asking:

  • What adjectives describe the space? (e.g. Modern and high-tech vs traditional and established)
  • What is the personality of the office environment you have created? (e.g. Creative, innovative, and lively vs Classical, conventional, and relaxed)
  • If your office property was a person, how would you describe it? (Adaptable, Helpful, Clever, Quirky, Serious, Fun, Friendly, Resourceful, or something different?)

When your office properties are connected to your desired culture through a welcoming scent as soon as they enter, prospective tenants will immediately know what kind of office environment they can expect.

Focus on property design

What do nap pods, rock walls, game rooms, ball pits, and wellness centers all have in common?

These are all amenities provided at the offices of the world’s top companies (Google, Adobe, Twitter, Zappos, and Apple, respectively). It’s clear that the days of cubicles and windowless buildings are long-gone in office design.

Another major part of design is fragrance. People are demanding “curated, configured office spaces that boost productivity” and ambient scent can do just that. According to the Conference of the Association for Chemical Reception Sciences published by Wheeling Jesuit University.

“Scent increased visual motor speed information processing and impulse control.  An increase in visual motor speed means you can process visual information more quickly, and thus respond to information more quickly, so you can get your office tasks completed faster. An increase in impulse control also implies that you are less likely to make a mistake on your tasks.”

To attract and retain tenants at your office properties, your space will have to provide the best work environment in your area. While wellness centers and ball pits might not fit the culture of every company, ambient scent will.

See Our Work

Good design will appeal to and delight as many of our 5 senses as possible. Pleasant visual and auditory design are intuitive, but many properties miss out on another sense that is easy to target: our sense of smell.

Mike Fransen, Chief Operating Officer of Parkway Property, was facing this exact problem. Mike told us,

“When we examined how we were engaging all 5 senses at our properties, smell was the one that was tough to pin down and deploy consistently.”

Parkway partnered with Prolitec ambient scenting services to add a vital design element to their premier office properties: an inspiring scent. Keeping in mind Parkway’s mission of creating office spaces that foster “productivity and profitability” for their tenants, Prolitec chose fragrances that have been proven to improve work performance and employee mood.

Mike Fransen reports that Parkway is very satisfied with this new design element, remarking,

“Prolitec has enabled us to effortlessly provide our customers with a great and consistent scent experience.”

At the end of the day, people won’t work in an environment that is poorly designed. Appealing to all five of your customers’ senses in your properties’ design if you want to get ahead of your competition and enhance your space.