Retailers can easily seize control of the olfactory dynamics in their stores through scenting. In this month’s Hardware Retailing magazine, Prolitec’s Roger Bensinger gives a tutorial on some ways scent can be used in a hardware store environment. After all, who wouldn’t rather smell roses than hoses? An added scent could neutralize a nearby malodor while simultaneously creating a pleasant experience for the shopper.

A hardware retailer could also use scent to call attention to a seasonal sale. Let’s say the store was running a sale on a particular brand’s plastic brushes and scrubbers as part of a “spring cleaning”-themed ad campaign. The store could scent the display with a citrus fragrance, thereby reinforcing the impression of cleanliness and effectiveness. The pleasant, energizing fragrance would be subtle, but it would nonetheless help the display pop and be noticed by those walking by.

Want a kitchen appliance display to seem more “homey”? Consider working with a food-based scent that calls to mind fresh-baked cookies or apple pie.

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