The Tom Ford brand is renowned for its high-quality collections brought to life through its founder’s deep commitment to perfectionism. The man behind the brand describes his philosophy: “Luxury will increasingly be synonymous with extreme attention to detail and personal service that goes above and beyond.”

Mr. Ford is on to something. In a retail environment where only 15% of consumers feel understood by brands, personalized service is key to fostering brand loyalty.

Emotional Customer Engagement Increases Sales

A recent survey by Capgemini concluded that:

Higher emotional customer engagement could increase annual revenues by 5%, and

Consumers who are emotionally engaged with a brand spent up to twice as much on that brand as opposed to a non-emotionally engaged consumer.

So how does a successful brand like Tom Ford create emotional customer engagement? The answer lies right under our noses. A study at the University of Edinburgh found that our sense of smell is directly connected to our emotions.

If a brand can appeal to a customer’s sense of smell, they can communicate directly with the part of the brain that processes emotions.

When you’re on a mission to become the number one luxury fashion brand in the world, who better to partner with than Prolitec, the leader amongst commercial scent marketing companies?

Prolitec scents Tom Ford Fragrance Launches in Dubai and Beijing

Together, Tom Ford and Prolitec curated an emotional experience at the Tom Ford fragrance launch events in Dubai and Beijing.

Tom Ford partnered with Prolitec scent marketing for their fragrance launch events in Dubai and Beijing.Tom Ford partnered with Prolitec for its
Fragrance Launches in Dubai and Beijing

Customers were greeted with beautiful light and water display that took them on a sensory journey exploring the Tom Ford brand.

Using patented AirQ scenting technology, Prolitec diffused the elegant “Private Blend” fragrance throughout the exhibition hall with our industry-leading scent diffuser machines.

Tom Ford creates customer engagement through a sensory journey of lighting, water displays, and scent.Tom Ford Creates a Sensory Journey for its Customers

With their focus on engaging customers on emotional levels and providing a full sensory experience for shoppers through the use of ambient scent, it’s no surprise that Tom Ford Beauty grew more than 50% in 2016 and is projected to hit $1 billion in sales before 2019, more than a year ahead of schedule.

Find out what scent can do for you.