Since its inception in 2017, ScenXus has provided users with a sophisticated aromatic experience. This advanced IoT system allows seamless interaction with Prolitec x80 and x90 models from any location. Easily adjust settings on individual diffusers or synchronize scents across multiple devices with just a few clicks.

Nevertheless, access to this aromatic system is restricted to authorized personnel, ensuring secure control over fragrance dispersion.

Imagine a network of 15,000 diffusers catering to a vast customer base, all benefiting from IoT technology. Truly a testament to widespread acceptance.

Control at Your Command

ScenXus enables individuals to easily oversee scent systems through the customer’s Wi-Fi network or by setting up a dedicated network with tailored equipment on site, thereby establishing a safe and secure network gateway.

Derek Morrison, the esteemed General Manager at Hilton, shared positive feedback on their experience, remarking, “We have called in and Prolitec has remoted in and changed it a couple of times. And it’s been well-received. So perfectly done.”

Likewise, the management team at Greystar Residential, including the Property Manager at Residences at Brookline, values the convenience of online system adjustments, as expressed, “Love that system can be adjusted online!”

A Technological Advantage

Now, for the ScenXus features:

  • Turn appliances on/off from afar.
  • Change the intensity faster than you can say “Prolitec.”
  • Predict when it’s time for a cartridge swap.
  • Get notifications faster than a bat of an eyelash when something’s amiss.
  • Connect to a symphony of appliances with one single tap.

These features serve as exceptional resources readily available to meet your needs, free from the constraints of wish limitations.

Contribute to Environmental Conservation

ScenXus not only offers user-friendly functionality but also contributes to environmental sustainability through remote adjustments. By minimizing service visits, ScenXus significantly diminishes the company’s carbon footprint. As of now, the utilization of ScenXus has led to saving more than 30,000 miles of field technician driving, resulting in an approximate reduction of 10.5 metric tons of CO2e in our carbon footprint.

Words of Wisdom

In the competitive landscape, ScenXus stands out as a beacon of guidance, transcending the role of a mere tool to become a valuable ally in your pursuit of achieving swift and effective scent diffusion on a global scale, all while prioritizing sustainability. Stephanie Williams, VP of Customer Care at Prolitec, confirms this sentiment.

“The primary advantage lies in the ability to promptly adjust scent levels in real-time. Our customers no longer face prolonged waits for modifications, resulting in significant cost savings for us.”

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By Alison Lowery, Marketing Manager