Crudo Bakery in Budapest, Hungary has one less challenge on their plate. We sat down with David, owner of Crudo, who struggled to eliminate malodors caused by grease and deep frying. The smell permeated the walls and caused guests and residents living around the establishment to take notice, and not in a good way.

“This used to be a Zing Burger and it was more about deep frying and fried bacon and everything like that, which made lots of smell,” David said. “We had some problems with the people living here.”

Thanks to Prolitec’s scenting technology, the bakery is now providing customers and neighbors alike with a more pleasant experience.

“The people living here are also happy,” David said. “So it’s good for us and good for the people.”

Today the Hungarian bakery and its customers can breathe a little easier, whether they’re inside the store or in the neighboring areas.

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