It’s all about the dollars—and scents—at Canvas Credit Union. Our experts worked with the Colorado-based institution to create a uniquely pleasant branch experience for both members and staff.

We sat down with Canvas Chief People and Strategy Officer, Tansley Stearns, to speak about the considered and caring way they transformed their brand and enhanced how people experience financial services through ambient scenting.

“When you think about your home and the places you are comfortable, there is a scent that is related to that and we wanted to bring that to life,” Tansley said. “We were really lucky to have the Prolitec team really walk us through those considerations.”

In a collaborative effort to create an inviting and refreshing space, our fragrance house developed the perfect scent to turn the credit union into no

just a financial institution, but a home. Every Canvas customer is welcomed with hints of grapefruit and a citrus blend, while wood and saffron notes add a contrasting warmth.

Canvas is rolling out its refreshed, welcoming brand to all its locations in Colorado and their family of customers are excited about the comforting, home-like experience.

“We had a lot of really strong feedback and overall, it’s been super, super positive,” Tansley said. “We are really excited to be able to share it.”