Planning a summer getaway offers a sense of excitement and anticipation. But what if you could capture that vacation feeling right in your commercial space? According to a recent Forbes article, Google unveiled its top 20 destinations for warm-weather getaways in 2024, based on past flight booking data and search trends. From London to New York, these destinations inspire wanderlust and now, thanks to Prolitec, their essence can be experienced in any commercial space.

To help businesses infuse these vacation vibes, we sat down with Claudia Bognanni, Fragrance Development Manager & Innovation at Prolitec, to craft the perfect fragrance playlist that can recreate the ambiance of these top travel spots. Here’s how you can transform your space:

1. London – White Tea Fusion

Capture London’s sophistication and charm.

Ranked as the top holiday destination, London’s allure is undeniable. Prolitec’s White Tea Fusion perfectly encapsulates the city’s essence. “This fragrance emulates the glamour of London with fresh bergamot and watery tea accords that evoke spring rain over rose de mai and jasmine,” Claudia explained. “It’s this delightful juxtaposition—the floral beauty of the Chelsea Flower Show meeting the ethereal glamour of tea time—that works so wonderfully. It’s so proper, just like London!”

2. Paris – Moondance

Experience the mystery and sensuality of Paris.

Coming in second, Paris seduces travelers with its romantic streets and historic charm. Prolitec’s Moondance fragrance brings to life the dreamy essence of the City of Light. “This scent is mysterious and sensual, with creamy vanilla and enchanting amber notes that seem to waft from the boulangeries,” said Claudia. “It evokes the narrow streets of Montmartre and feels like stepping into Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. As Victor Hugo said, ‘Respire Paris—cela conserve l’âme!’”

3. Tokyo – Hinoka

Feel the fresh and delicate ambiance of Tokyo.

Tokyo’s vibrant culture and serene beauty earn it the third spot on Google’s list. Prolitec’s Hinoka fragrance captures Tokyo’s essence with a resinous blend of sacred Japanese cypress and cool eucalyptus. “This combination brings to life the fresh and delicate scent of Tokyo streets in the fall,” Claudia described. “It’s a soothing and invigorating fragrance that can take you straight to Japan.”

4. Rome – Lemon and Neroli

Be enchanted by the timeless elegance of Rome.

Rome’s historical splendor makes it the fourth top holiday destination. Prolitec’s Lemon and Neroli fragrance celebrates the city’s rich heritage. “Inspired by the Princess of Nerola, who gave the essential oil its name, this scent filled the streets of 17th century Rome,” Claudia shared. “The sparkling citrus blend and delicate neroli flowers will make you want to book a Roman holiday.”

5. New York – Logfire

Immerse yourself in the urban charm of New York City.

The energy of New York City is unmatched, earning it the fifth spot. Prolitec’s Logfire fragrance captures the cozy, urban charm of NYC’s historic brownstones. “Aged cedarwood and cedar leaf blend with a smoky hearth essence, echoing an urban charm unique to New York,” Claudia explained. “This scent is inspired by the beautiful fireplaces inside the majestic brownstones surrounding Central Park.”

Bringing these Prolitec fragrances into your commercial space can transport visitors to their favorite vacation spots, creating an inviting and memorable experience for all. Whether it’s the elegance of London, the romance of Paris, the serenity of Tokyo, the timeless beauty of Rome, or the vibrant energy of New York, Prolitec has a fragrance to match.

Ready to bring the feeling of vacation to your space? Learn more about how Prolitec can elevate your environment by visiting our website or booking a consultation with our team of fragrance experts.

By Prolitec Marketing Manager, Alison Lowery