Scent branding – the use of scent to help customers identify and develop and emotional connection with a brand – is gaining in popularity among high-end retailers and luxury brands.

Han Sung Motor, the largest Mercedez-Benz dealer in Korea, has added a signature scent to its branding strategy. The new fragrance, developed by Prolitec / iScent perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, is being presented at Han Sung showrooms across Korea.

“The reason we have come up with the fragrance is because we wanted to form a stronger emotional relationship with the brand Han Sung and our customers,” said Han Sung CEO Ulf Ausprung.

“We have found that the most effective way to bridge the sensory with relationship-building is scent. With the help of a world-class fragrance-maker we have translated the sensory experience into a great fragrance. We launched the fragrance five weeks ago and our customers love it,” he said.

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