In the less-than-savory world of trash malodors, innovation is not the first word that springs to mind. However, the industry is currently seeing a paradigm shift with the introduction of Prolitec’s Cobalt Sky, a fragrance that merges the luxury of fine scents with the practicality of odor reduction. Contrary to the stereotype, this is no ordinary take on trash room essentials; it is an aromatic coup d’état, redefining the meaning of ‘taking out the trash.’

The Aroma: Where Forest and Fragrance Meet

Cobalt Sky takes you on a hike through the mountains, encapsulating the essence of fresh, crisp air. The intricate blend of sparkling bergamot, zesty lemon, and forest green accords weave a narrative of a serene, invigorating walk. The marriage of eucalyptus and jasmine at the heart of the fragrance infuses vitality into each whiff, while the base of cedarwood and soft musk lends the experience a mysterious depth. It’s a poetic olfactory symphony that virtually transports you to the refreshing, crisp days of the great outdoors.

This fragrance, part of the aromatic family, introduces new dimensions with its woody and floral notes—a literal breath of fresh air in any enclosed space, including the most back-of-house areas, where odors often go amiss.

The Power of Perception: More Than Meets the Nose

The secret to the sorcery of Cobalt Sky lies in its patented technology designed to tackle the heftiest of trash malodors. It’s not just about masking smells; it’s about redefining how the olfactory system perceives these aromas. The fine blend of essential oils is no olfactory accident either; each ingredient was carefully selected for its proven ability to neutralize and transform the perception of pungent odors. The result is an experience that is not merely absent of malodors but one that bridges utility with luxury, offering an entirely new sensory narrative.

The Path to Purity: Provenance and Purpose

Cobalt Sky is not just a fragrance; it’s a story of sustainability and accountability. Every component within this fusion, sourced through the fragrance supplier’s dsm-firmenich NATURALS TOGETHER program, bears testament to our commitment toward environmental stewardship. Cedarwood Atlas, Lemon Italy, and others were procured through partnerships that support over 250,000 agricultural workers from around the globe, fostering an alliance that champions the purity of the supply chain. It’s a testament to a commitment that transcends the product itself—a testament to the brand’s dedication to the underpinning ethos of the fragrance.

A Partnership Forged in Perfume

Cobalt Sky was conceived through a partnership that is the epitome of synergy. By blending Prolitec’s expertise in scent delivery with the scientific artistry of dsm-firmenich, the fragrance bears the hallmark of two powerhouses fusing to create an industry stalwart. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to not only set trends but redefine genres.

The Future Smells Fresh

Cobalt Sky is more than a fragrance; it’s a revolution in the making. Making its debut in March of 2024, Cobalt Sky is an innovation that not only removes the perception of trash room odors but transcends into an emotional and experiential realm. This newly developed scent introduces the idea of fine fragrances into utilitarian spaces. This new aroma clearly brings a touch of luxury and freshness to trash rooms, captivating a global audience already. Get ready for freshness where you least expect it – the sky’s the limit.

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By Alison Lowery, Marketing Manager