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In today’s digital age, our customers’ expectations of our brick-and-mortar showrooms are influenced more than ever by a whole multitude of trends. We are striving to make visits to our showrooms an out-of-the-ordinary and pleasant experience for our customers. We are coming up with new showroom concepts and new interior layouts, including new furniture and digital tools.

One factor that affects the feel of a showroom is its smell. The right fragrance can support customers’ perception of our brand by underlining its character and identity. It is no secret that scent marketing has an impact on increasing sales and consolidating customer loyalty. We have therefore commissioned a unique ambient fragrance for our showrooms to enhance customers’ experience when they are choosing a car or making a purchase. Find out more about the ŠKODA scent on this page. Feel free to test the scent and make your showrooms fragrant!

Jaromír Kuhn
Creative Lead ŠKODA AUTO Showroom Concept


I have never smelled a special scent in any showroom of other brands. I think it makes the ŠKODA Showroom different in a positive way.
I feel like I am driving my car through a forest. I noticed a smell of wood, a smell of nature.

When I smell this scent I imagine the color green. I think it perfectly goes together with the ŠKODA design.

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April 2021
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