Dixie McClellan, Community Association Manager at Legacy Condominiums, was facing a huge problem right at the entrance of her property: the smell of rotten seafood. “Our trash rooms are at the entrance of our property, so when the guests arrive, they are directly across from it,” Dixie explained.

With the unpleasant smell of trash greeting guests, Dixie worried about resident satisfaction. “The first impression is a lasting impression, and the last thing we wanted them to smell was trash.” After unsuccessfully trying numerous odor removal products, Dixie and Legacy Condominiums chose Prolitec to provide odor removal services.

The results were “Night and day,” Dixie says. “Before, my maintenance crew would spend probably two hours a day to try to eliminate the issue.”

With Prolitec odor elimination services, the maintenance crew at Legacy Condominiums now has more time to focus on keeping residents happy instead of trying to eliminate a strong trash odor. Dixie is happy to report that with Prolitec’s odor removal services, she has even had contractors ask her,

“Why do your trash rooms smell so good?”

Watch more of Dixie’s journey to eliminate odors at Legacy Condominiums below:


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