There’s something in the air. At least that’s the case at upscale men’s clothing store, Thomas Breitling. We sat down with László, brand manager, at the Hungarian based location to talk about what that something is and how it’s impacting their customers.

Since July 2018, Thomas Breitling has partnered with Prolitec to create an environment conducive to a pleasant and enjoyable in-store experience. By using the latest patented technology in ambient scenting, László believes that it has positively impacted the way customers experience the store.

“We decided to put the scent in because I think it is enhancing the customer experience,” László explained. “I think it’s more enjoyable for the customers to be in the store, an environment where it is a nice, pleasant smell.”

Circulating throughout their flagship store is a blend of citrus and floral tones, with a hint of spicy saffron, designed for a luxurious touch. After installation of this modern fragrance, László reports positive feedback from shoppers.

“Almost every customer who has come to our store said it is a quite nice and pleasant smell and asking where that smell is coming from and how we achieved it and where they can buy,” he explained. “I would defiantly recommend it to anyone else.”