The Zing Report, an outlet that focuses on all aspects of the jewelry industry, interviewed our very own Roger Bensinger, Executive Vice President of Prolitec Global Business Development to provide more clarity on the scenting process and how it leads to increased sales.

“The right molecule in the right environment can increase the dwell time within a space. And the more product you can introduce to the customer, the better chance you have of making a sale,” Bensinger said.

The perfect scenting technology can encourage people to enjoy, explore, and engage with the space they are in. It can also help retailer effectively communicate the value of their products. And for retailers in the jewelry industry, that is key to a successful business.

“There have been several studies that prove pleasant scents increase the amount of time people spend in a store, increase the number of times a product is examined, and even positively influences how customers perceive the value of a product,” The Zing Report writes. “Positive emotions drive loyalty, increase a brand’s good word-of-mouth to family and friends, and drive customers to spend more.”

To find out what scents have been popular during the pandemic and how Prolitec helps find the perfect scent for retail spaces, read the entire article here.