“Sight, taste, touch—all of the senses are important when it comes to creating a sense of place. But none may be more important than smell.”

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Prolitec is the leading provider of commercial ambient scent services, offering exceptional guest experiences to brands in more than 80 countries. Designed and produced in the U.S., our diffusion technology is safe, our cartridges are recyclable, and our fragrance ingredients are responsibly sourced.

We are a global approved Marriott vendor and offer both the most advanced odor neutralizing services and the signature brand scents for 13 Marriott brands.

Eliminate unwanted odors in any problem areas with Prolitec Genie technology and/or help your guests feel at home with your signature brand scent.

“You know how they say, ‘no news is good news?’

Well that’s what we have now in our trash rooms.  Everyone used to complain about the smell, but since we put in the Genie Max system, I haven’t heard a single word. 

One day the power went out and the machines were off – it was an instant reminder of how much of an impact they have.  The trash odor was just awful.  As soon as the power came back, within minutes the room smelled great again. 

It’s a super product.”

— Steve Vaughn,
Director of Engineering,
JW Marriott Nashville

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Prolitec® is the leading provider of ambient scent services and commercial odor neutralization and has helped brands in 83 countries improve their customer experience.


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