Educators Credit Unions in Wisconsin wanted to enhance their customer service and set their business apart from their competitors.

Educators had designed all their locations to appeal to customers’ senses of sight, touch, taste, and sound, but they had a missing component in their plan to engage the five senses: smell.

Richard Weening, CEO of Prolitec, explained to Credit Union Management Magazine how the sense of smell is vital to any marketing strategy:

“Just like lighting and sound, scent is a medium of communication that creates a sense of place, builds brand associations, and promotes products and services.”


A 2015 study by Indiana University confirms that “the sense of smell can create memorable experiences for consumers.”

Richard goes on to explain:

“A scented space is inviting, as it attracts customers and encourages them to stay longer; it evokes pleasurable memories, reduces stress, and can create positive associations with an event or experience.”

The scenting program at Educators has been a success:

“We are hearing all positive things.”


— Sarah Jamison, Educators Credit Union

The Credit Union Management magazine asks its readers a question all financial services companies should ask, “If you are going to spend millions creating and delivering a powerful and unique member and staff experience, why not engage all the five senses?”

We think that’s a good question. Contact us today to enhance your financial services company’s customer experience!

Read more about how Educators Credit Union chose Prolitec ambient scenting services at CUES.


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