Business Benefits of Ambient Scenting

One of the most valuable assets for establishing a company’s brand is to associate it with a brand scent.

Ambient scenting and scent marketing are effective tools to engage customers, extend a brand or product’s reach, solidify a brand’s attributes in the mind of the consumer, and create a pleasant environment where customers or guests feel comfortable, energized and inspired.

Scent Increases Customer Purchases

Customer purchases increased by 20 percent when a Netherlands-based lingerie retailer infused its store with the scent of chocolate.

Hunkermoller, July 2012



Avoiding negative associations with scent is just as important as creating positive customer experiences with scent. A bad smell can send a negative message to a customer, with a negative brand association that may never be overcome.

With AirQ™ technology, Prolitec has a unique and effective method for erasing the perception of a malodor in the air through an odorless receptor blocking system. The empty space created by this cancellation is, in turn, filled with a pleasant scent. Almost every fragrance in our collection contains this superior malodor counteracting technology. This odor remediation technology is analogous to the way in which a Bose® headset works on a noisy airplane: white noise cancels out interfering sounds, allowing music to be readily heard and enjoyed.