AirQ droplets are 50 times smaller than a traditional aerosol.

AirQ by Prolitec is the gold standard in controlled scent technology delivery systems and ambient scenting. Serving clients worldwide, Prolitec creates positive customer experiences via experiential marketing, product branding, aromatherapy, and odor remediation.

A computer-controlled precision system, AirQ technology dispenses your desired scent in droplets so fine, it’s like a dry vapor. No residue, just fragrance.

With AirQ, all fragrance compounds are released at once, and the fragrance remains consistent over time.

Conventional air care methods—whether they’re gels, sprays, candles, wicks, or electrical diffusers—release the fragrance components one at a time: the top notes first, followed by the middle ones, and then the bottom notes. The user experiences the fragrance one step at a time. Individual fragrance notes drop to a surface rapidly without being able to release all the ingredients contained in the intended fragrance.

The scent effect with AirQ technology is uniquely different. Consumers experience the full fragrance creation that the master perfumer intended. They smell the entire fragrance–each and every time.