Creating the fragrance you want, exactly. Delivering it where you need it, precisely.


The effective use of fragrance in an environment involves much more than installing a scent diffuser. The fragrance and air care systems experts at Prolitec are adept at asking the right questions, providing the best solution based on your business needs, and ensuring your ongoing satisfaction.

Here's How it works

1. Initial Consultation

Our account team meets with you to further understand your scenting objectives and answer your questions. Based on our experience in your specific industry, we will discuss our initial recommendations for effective ambient scenting and opportunities to improve the customer/guest experience.

  • Business Needs Identification
  • System Approach
  • Ambient Scenting Options

2. Facility Survey

Our engineering team conducts site surveys to evaluate store/space/venue size, air flow, coverage, appliance needs, etc. This information is compiled into a detailed site survey report for review and discussion.

  • Site Survey
  • Operational Needs
  • Air Flow & Traffic Review
  • Summary Report

3. System Design

After a thorough review of your scenting objectives and an evaluation of the interior space or spaces, we will review a host of fragrance options that are best suited to your needs. We will also present recommendations for the most effective AirQ™ delivery system for your location or locations.

  • Scent Mapping
  • Scent Review
  • System Recommendations

4. Scent Development

Together, we finalize the scent selection and the operational objectives for scent in your interior environment.  This process may include the development of a custom fragrance for your business or brand.

  • Scent Selection
  • Scent Creation
  • Scent Trials

5. Installation, Monitoring, & Servicing

We understand that system installation requires close coordination with on-site teams to ensure seamless operation. When the ambient scenting system is in place, we will conduct scent mapping to assess the user experience. We provide ongoing monitoring for usage and servicing to replace empty fragrance cartridges, etc., to ensure 100 percent satisfaction with the system.

  • System Installation
  • Usage Monitoring
  • Ongoing Service Calls
  • Customer Experience


Choosing the appropriate scent for the environment is key: "Scent-product congruency is of importance, even if the scent does not originate from the product." In an observational study of bookstore customers shopping in a chocolate-scented environment, the customers were more likely to buy cookbooks, drink books, romance novels, and romantic literature rather than history books or detective novels.

Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2013