The third installment of our series on our partners who have achieved record success and just how they did it

by Heather Lane

One of the greatest aspects of a client relationship is trust.

This belief is something Nouvel Elements, an India-based provider of Prolitec’s AirQ commercial ambient scent services, prides itself on. With more than 200 locations across India, this facilities service company has played an instrumental role in providing comforting and reassuring environments during the COVID-19 outbreaks. How? Using common scents of course.

In my interview with Navin Khanna, entrepreneur and owner of Nouvel Elements, he explains the nuts and bolts of their successful operations throughout India during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two Different Climates – One Solution  

Both the current Covid-19 climate and literal climate in India are making scenting a desirable solution for many businesses throughout the country.

“Since India is a humid country with tropical weather, our customers appreciate the scents with odor control properties the most,” Khanna explained. Now more than ever, India is also looking for relaxing fragrances infused with odor control technology that can comfort people during the current pandemic climate, according to Khanna. “They also appreciate the soothing fragrances which give their consumers a calming effect.”

Overcoming the Obstacles Through Trust

So how exactly did Nouvel meet the needs of their clients while battling the Covid-19 pandemic? They put their customers first, leading with care and trust.

“Our strategy during the lockdown has been to stay in touch with our customers and inquire about their well-being and safety,” Khanna explained.” “Our aim was to stay fresh in the minds of our customers.”

This consistent communication fostered a close relationship with their clients and made it possible for Nouvel to retain their current customers, while also attracting new prospects in the process.

Helping Essential Businesses

Nouvel has worked with clients from ITC Hotels to Google, and in light of Covid-19, they’ve spread their scope to helping essential businesses create comforting and safe atmospheres. Nouvel is working in grocery brands throughout India, starting with the very first supermarket in the country selling imported food products in the C Block Market, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi – Modern Bazaar.

With customers feeling uneasy venturing out into society, Nouvel diffuses scents to create the sense of clean and reassurance. For the 7 Modern Bazaar outlets in Delhi, Nouvel chose Prolitec’s, “Pink Grapefruit” and “Honeysuckle Jasmine” fragrances.

Why these fragrances?

Pink Grapefruit was selected to add a fresh and friendly atmosphere. This citrus scent creates a bright and welcoming feel, created through the invigorating notes of grapefruit and orange paired with fruity peach and red berry nuances.

Citrus is known to make people feel more energized and even inspire cleanliness. According to a Miami hospital, a recent study found that an ambient citrus fragrance can actually increase instances of hand cleaning among staff by 32%.

Honeysuckle Jasmine radiates fresh and inviting notes of sweet honeysuckle combined with floral accords of jasmine and linden blossoms, adding a level of comfort to shoppers.

So What Does the Future Look like for Scenting in India?

The recent pandemic has set many businesses back, but for Nouvel, it has brought them closer to their clients. According to Khanna, scenting will only continue to flourish throughout India.

“Over the years we have seen an upward growth in the scenting market, due to forced recession this year we expect some setbacks,” Khanna said. “In the corresponding years we expect things to start growing on the same trajectory as earlier. The Indian market has a massive appetite for fragrances.”

Thanks to Nouvel, more businesses can reassure customers of store cleanliness and slowly restore the public’s faith in high traffic spaces through scent. Because at the end of the day, one of the greatest aspects of a client relationship is indeed trust.

For more information on commercial scents that provide reassurance during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out my article on Prolitec’s Wellness Collection, “Breathe Easy: A look inside the essential oils that protect our respiratory health.” 



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