Ambient scenting is one of the most progressive methods a brand can use to make an impression and create connections between a business and the minds of its customers. Savvy marketers are realizing that scent marketing isn’t guerilla marketing or a promotional gimmick. Brand identity is paramount to the success of a business in this competitive market. A variety of companies use ambient scenting to differentiate themselves from the competition and create a strong brand image.

The sense of smell is scientifically proven to be the most evocative because of the direct link between memories and scent. By working with an ambient scent company, such as Prolitec, brands can create a signature scent that sets the mood and adds to the customer experience, and great technicians are adept at customizing scenting to match the desired experience. Ambient scenting is subtle, but perceptible.

Can Any Industry Benefit?

Like the numerous scent combinations, there are a number of businesses that now benefit from this unique scent technology. From hotels to supermarkets, airports to office buildings, many diverse businesses recognize fragrance marketing as a powerful instrument.

Take the scent of leather, for example. Car dealerships and car rental agencies leverage this intoxicating aroma in their businesses. The smell of leather may mean the prestige of a particular car brand to one consumer, or the security of a reliable vehicle to another, or it could indicate the anticipation of a new adventure. Although the interpretations may be different for each consumer, it has a positive influence on their purchase decision.

There are also retail options to consider; a customer walks into a bookstore and the warm scent of chocolate makes them linger in the aisles. They find this particular store cozy and an enticing place to unwind and explore. It is one they intend to return to again. Scent completes the sensory experience while shopping and creates a lasting brand image.

A unique application of ambient scenting is within an assisted living community for the elderly with Alzheimer’s. People with Alzheimer’s often become easily agitated and restless, infusing the community with the calming scent of chamomile combined with the soothing scent of lavender help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep.

There is a broad application of uses of ambient scenting throughout a range of industries. Marketing professionals are only limited by their imagination on how to best use this persuasive tool.

Solving a Problem

Ambient scenting can also help solve unique challenges to a business. Would it benefit a business to make a small space feel bigger, or the reverse, a large interior that could feel more intimate? Scents like apple and cucumber make a place feel more open while smoky scents add intimacy. The scent of peppermint and citrus helps with alertness and invigorates office staff. A lobby filled with nervous patients waiting for the dentist will benefit from the scent of vanilla to soothe their frayed nerves. Or is there a need to neutralize a bad odor that would be unappealing to customers? Malodors can be effectively canceled out with ambient scenting, so customers don’t get the wrong message or have a negative experience.

The success of using scent to inspire certain behavior is a growing strategy for a wide variety of businesses. More and more businesses are finding potential applications and discovering new opportunities to use this innovative technique.

Contact Prolitec to find the perfect scented environment that is right for your brand identity that emanates an emotion, perception, or experience to make a positive impression on your customers.