Hey there, retail pioneers and storefront virtuosos! Something scentsational was floating in the air at Estonia’s largest marketing conference, PASSWORD, and we are excited to share the details — or dare we say, ourbouquet of insights.

Our very own Roger Bensinger, the Executive VP of Global Business Development, took center stage with Romain LANEYRIE, Innovation Business Development Sr Manager from dsmfirmenich, to talk about something truly noseworthy. That’s right, we’re all up in your business (quite literally) about ambient scent marketing and how it’s setting the retail world abuzz!

On the Nose Insights from Roger Bensinger

Roger dished out the intel on how the right fragrance can turn any store into a customer’s haven. He’s not just talking air fresheners here; we’re talking a finely-tuned, strategic scent that can coax your brand into the spotlight. To illustrate his point, he spilled the beans on how top-shelf names like Explora Journeys, a luxury cruise line owned by the MSC Group, Lotus Cars or KVIK, Danish furniture design brand, are already riding the scent wave to retail nirvana with Prolitec fragrance technology.

There’s also an art to scent selection, my friends. It’s all about blending your brand’s identity with the olfactory preferences of your customers. The result? A shopping experience that feels like a warm hug from an old friend—comforting, familiar, and always welcome.

Aromatic Wisdom from Romain Laneyrie

Then came Romain Laneyrie from the visionary team at dsm-firmenich. He got us thinking — post-COVID, our lives have shifted, but one thing’s for sure: our love for a great smell is stronger than ever. With more than 70% of consumers saying they have grown to appreciate scents even more, it’s clear that our noses know what’s up.

People’s newfound appreciation for scents post-COVID goes beyond mere appreciation; it delves into the intricate science behind fragrances. Romain, with 25 years of olfactory science, introduces ScentMove®, a fragrance innovation that enhances your attention and focus. He delved into the fascinating realm of dsm-firmeniche’s EmotiCode™ technology, unveiling the secrets behind creating scents that stir specific emotions in consumers.

He also discussed EmotiBoost™ – a magical collection of accords designed to uplift your spirits in air care, laundry, and skincare. With a wide range of scents and emotional benefits, these creations were put to the test using cutting-edge implicit research techniques.

Romain said it best: In a world filled with uncertainties, fragrances offer a slice of blissful sanctuary. They’re more than just pleasing aromas; they’re ticketless journeys to comfort and joy, emotional bookmarks we can return to whenever we need a quick, fragrant pick-me-up.

Why Ambient Scent Marketing is the New Black

Look, in the digital age, where online shopping is as natural as breathing, physical retail spaces need to captivate customers within every sense – literally. That’s where ambient scent marketing enters the picture, transforming brick-and-mortar shops from mere points of sale to immersive brand playgrounds.

Whether it’s the plush, warm notes of a luxury boutique or the fresh, vibrant tones of a sportswear shop, ambient scent marketing taps into our deepest emotions—translating brand stories into sniffable tales that captivate and resonate long after the shopping bags are tucked away.

It’s a Wrap Here, But We Are Just Getting Started

Isn’t it time to give your retail space that irresistible allure? To craft experiences that touch the heart through the nose?

Thanks for hanging with us through these highlights from PASSWORD Conference. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Have you experimented with ambient scents in your store? Share your scentsational stories with us in the comments.

Looking forward to igniting your retail revolution? Hit us up, and let’s chat about how ambient scent marketing can enchant your customers, one delightful breath at a time. #RetailTrends #AmbientScentMarketing #CustomerExperience