Texas-based Federal Credit Union, Cy-Fair, teamed up with Prolitec to prove that it only takes one scent to create a meaningful investment for both members and visitors alike.

In a recent interview with President and CEO of Cy-Fair Credit Union, Cameron Dickey, we discovered how they revitalized their brand by acknowledging a unique factor missing in their overall design.

“One of the things we have overlooked for a long time is the smell of our branches,” Cameron said.

Despite the institution’s modern touches and nature-infused design, members were still greeted by the noticeable odor of carpet glue and microwaved lunches. Thinking intentionally about the customer experience, Cy-Fair decided to roll out Prolitec’s scenting technology to every branch to freshen up their locations and create a “unique brand” experience for every member, according to Cameron.

With the help of Prolitec, Cy-Fair is not just a financial institution where members receive a stack of disclosures, a plastic card, and checks, but a welcoming spot in the community that delivers a personal and positive experience with every visit.

“Prolitec is a fascinating fragrant system for retail locations and relatively new to the financial services arena, but something that I think is long overdue,” Cameron said. “I would highly recommend this.”