Last week, the polished halls of Edsa Shangri-La reverberated with ideas that shape the pest control and hygiene sectors. It was there that Sam John, Prolitec’s Senior Director of Business Development for APAC & MENAT, had the distinct pleasure of addressing leaders and advocates at the Rentokil Initial Philippines’s Pest and Total Hygiene Key Account Workshop. The theme, “Sustaining Our PATH Together,” was not just a narrative — it was a commitment, a pledge, a resolute step into the future.

A Journey to Manila 

Sam embarked on this exciting adventure last week, challenging norms and sharing insights on Prolitec ambient scenting and sustainable practices — a key differentiator that is driving growth and success in the industry. In today’s discerning landscape, the usual sales spiel simply won’t cut it. Our savvy clientele expects, no, demands authenticity; they hold the magnifying glass to claims of sustainability and safety, eager to distinguish the genuine from the mere gloss.

Beyond Scent – A Tale of Authenticity and Value

At this recent workshop, the delightful transition from one stimulating topic to the next was masterfully orchestrated, as Sam unveiled the heart and soul of Prolitec. What truly elevates our products, you might wonder? We provide a myriad of advantages, meticulously curated to transcend mere sensory pleasure. They are thoughtfully woven into the fabric of our fragrant identity, in harmony with our esteemed partner dsm-firmenich’s very essence.

The Essence of Safety and Sustainability

It’s not just about pleasing aromas; our scenting solutions are scientifically backed heavyweights in a world where substance is king. During Sam’s presentation, he highlighted that Prolitec’s technology ensures that diffusion releases fragrance in ultra-dilute form—a minuscule 0.000002% concentration of pure fragrance oil, to be precise. Yes, you read that right. This is well beneath any concentration threshold that might invite an allergic encore. And allergens? None of the known troublemakers are in our scents.

But it doesn’t stop there. Sam discussed how we adhere to a veritable anthology of global safety standards, passing rigorous restrictions on VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) set by entities such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of California. We have the ticks of approval by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association), the RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials), and the list goes on—all the way to compliance with OSHA, REACH, CLP, and GHS standards. And for the cherry on top, dsm-firmenich, an ISO-certified body, guarantees our commitment to the highest echelons of quality and safety.

A Change in the Air

In this workshop, Sam unveiled the artistry behind infusing spaces with more than a mere fragrance. Our partners’ spaces don’t just smell better; they score points on LEED and Green Mark certifications, weaving scent into their tapestry of eco-conscious achievements. It’s an amalgamation of well-being, environmental consideration, and that undeniable flair of sophistication—a unique value proposition that speaks in silent volumes to those with discerning tastes.

This is the path Prolitec treads — a path paved with responsibility, innovation, and an unwavering pledge to our partners’ success.

In Retrospect

Reflecting on the workshop experience, it’s clear that the era of smart business practices is upon us. It’s an age where the olfactory experience in a brand’s physical space may very well be the silent, scented ambassador of a company’s value system.

Through the lens of Sam John’s insightful share at the workshop, the message to the industry is clear—whether it’s crafting the perfect aroma or constructing robust business relationships, at the heart of it all lies a dedication to safety, artistry, and to the sustainable path we voyage together.

The questions that remain aren’t merely about whether your space evokes the right mood or if the fragrance is pleasant. It’s about how deep your values resonate through every aspect of your business, including the subtle scents that fill the air. Prolitec stands as a testament to this very ideal — catering to connoisseurs of the authentic, guardians of the green, and creators of spaces that speak not just to the mind, but to the soul.

Curious about how we craft a more sustainable tomorrow? Consider joining forces with us for an eco-friendly revolution. Reach out now.

By: Alison Lowery, Prolitec Marketing Manager