In just one whiff, Snoqualmie Casino hit the jackpot. We sat down with Harold Ellebracht, director of facilities at the Washington-based gaming complex to talk about how they are building a winning hand by incorporating Prolitec scenting technology throughout their casino.

We partnered with the gaming establishment to eliminate malodors and provide a pleasant experience for guests more than a decade ago. By embracing ambient scenting, Snoqualmie Casino can now help non-smokers and smokers breathe just a little bit easier.

“We are a smoking establishment, which has its unique challenges,” Ellebracht said. “We have issues with smoke odors in the fabrics and the carpets and that’s why we needed the scenting system.”

In addition to eliminating malodors, Ellebracht also wanted to make guests feel more satisfied throughout their stay and enhance the casino’s atmosphere. Prolitec’s uniform hypoallergenic scenting technology helped on these fronts as well.

Since installation, guests have taken notice to the refreshing and positive notes circulating throughout the casino. It’s safe to say that this scenting technology is now creating a memorable impression for all the right reasons.

“It’s just been a fantastic deal all the way around,” Ellebracht said.