“For every space, there is a scent objective. Lobbies are where the first impression is created, and the scent should enhance the company’s branding as well as the guest experience.” — Roger Bensinger, Prolitec Executive Vice President

Great hotels go beyond simply providing accommodations – they provide experiences that are welcoming and unique. To achieve this, the hospitality industry is trending towards immersive environments wherein each detail welcomes and surprises guests. Modern travelers are interested in hotels with authentic character that differentiates them from the competition and provides lasting memories.

Ambient scenting is the tool for helping hospitality businesses provide guests with a welcoming first impression and a sense of authenticity. Our sense of smell is the most closely linked to emotions and memory, so the imprints of ambient scent often outlast and outperform more commonly addressed visual details.

Provenance Hotels is a national hotel chain dedicated to managing accommodations with unique character and a local connection. They have partnered with ambient scenting industry leader Prolitec to provide immersive scent experiences.

Chris Lorino, Provenance Hotels regional director of operations, sat down with to discuss the effect.

“Ambient scenting is the subtle, pleasing odor our guests smell when inside of our public spaces. We allow hotels to create their own sense of place and embrace uniqueness, so each hotel has selected a different scent that is specific to that one locality.”

Prolitec provides Provenance Hotels with the freedom and expert support needed to provide tailored scents exclusive to each of their varied locations. “The process of creating a custom scent requires a close, consultative relationship with the client,” says Prolitec’s executive vice president Robert Bensinger.

In the future Provenance Hotels plans to work with Prolitec to allow guests to select their own personalized scent experience in their individual rooms. With today’s consumer so interested in customization, this innovation promises to be a game-changer in the twenty-first century hospitality industry.

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