Amidst the vibrant backdrop of Las Vegas, Prolitec Inc. stood out prominently this week at the esteemed Waste Expo 2024, hosted at the prestigious Las Vegas Convention Center. As the largest event in North America dedicated to solid waste, recycling, and organics, the Waste Expo provided an ideal platform for Prolitec to unveil ‘Cobalt Sky,’ with its cutting-edge proprietary molecular technology designed to combat malodors and odor-causing bacteria stemming from waste materials.

The convention center hummed with anticipation as industry experts gathered to witness the debut of Prolitec’s groundbreaking solution. Notable figures such as Sam John, the Senior Director of Business Development APAC & MENAT, Josh Mager, Business Development Manager for North America, and Brandon Norberg, the National Account Director, represented Prolitec, drawing a significant audience and fostering insightful discussions on Prolitec’s innovative diffusion technology poised to revolutionize odor management across various environments, from trash ducts to waste management facilities.

Throughout the expo, Prolitec Inc. representatives elaborated on the transformative impact of their diffusion technology on odor management, extending its effectiveness from trash ducts to waste management zones. Prolitec’s avant-garde approach ensures prompt and efficient neutralization of undesirable odors, preventing them from lingering in the environment longer than necessary.

Distinguishing itself from conventional practices of masking malodors with alternative scents, Prolitec Inc.’s patented technology addresses the root cause by eliminating odor-causing bacteria. This strategic methodology guarantees a comprehensive and enduring solution for odor control, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

For those who may have missed the enlightening experience at the Waste Expo, the opportunity to explore Prolitec Inc.’s innovative solutions remains open. To delve deeper into how Prolitec’s advanced technologies can redefine odor management practices, connect with us today!

By Alison Lowery, Marketing Manager