Prolitec has left a ‘scent’sational footprint in casinos from Las Vegas to Macau, the gambling capitals of the world. And more recently, our AirQ scenting technology has been recognized by Casino Life Magazine, the leading business-to-business publication in the gaming industry. They report that our scent services are integral to casinos getting customers back post-COVID.

“Casinos aren’t rolling the dice on player satisfaction as we emerge from the pandemic,” says Casino Life. “They are turning to ambient scent providers to alleviate lingering uncertainty in the air and reassure guests their spaces are clean and safe. And happy, reassured players are indeed the real jackpot.”

According to Casino Life, gaming facilities are using our scenting technology to encourage time and money spent at the casino, enhance the restroom experience, reduce smoke malodors, and:

Pleasant scents can increase money spent in slot machines by up to 53%. Furthermore, research indicates that a pleasant scent can cause customers to linger longer and spend more in general.”

“94% of adults believe odor contributes to restroom’s dirtiness and nearly 1 in 3 customers won’t return to a business with dirty bathrooms…Today’s sophisticated ambient scent providers use highly specialized, proprietary technology that neutralize unwanted odors on the molecular level.

“20.9% of gamblers will be smoking at a casino. Small, rural casinos are higher at around 36.5%. With this much smoke in the air, ambient scent providers target smoke malodors at the source to reassure both smokers and nonsmokers alike that the casino is clean and refreshing.

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