Prolitec partnered with Firmenich, the iconic Swiss-based fragrance house, to bring the recent Dubai Expo to new heights – alpine heights! Together we created an immersive experience for the Swiss Pavilion at the Expo by diffusing a new fragrance: BREATHE IN.

The scent is part of a multi-sensorial experience at the pavilion that aims to surprise and captivate visitors by evoking the top of the Swiss Alps. Hamid Merati-Kashani, the Firmenich Principal Perfumer behind the fragrance explained just how the scent was created and what to expect when visiting the Pavilion:

“When creating the scent, I envisioned someone emerging after a hike in the magical Swiss Alps, surrounded by fog and mountains, and greeted by a scent of positive energy that is regenerating, pure, fresh and bright. This aligns with our vision of perfumery – to be conscious and positive – and supports Switzerland’s commitment to build a sustainable future.”

The fragrance was created using ingredients from Firmenich’s Naturals Together™ program, which partners with farmers around the world to build ethical ingredient sourcing. The program supports the education, health, and livelihoods of farming communicates and creates transparent, sustainable sourcing.

BREATHE IN incorporates Patchouli from Indonesia, Clary Sage Pays from France, Cedarwood Virginia from USA, and Firgood™ Pear from France. The scent also includes Clearwood™, a 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable biotech ingredient by Firmenich. The scent conveys pure Swiss mountain air, with a sense of calm to regenerate the body and soul in a deep breath.

The Swiss Pavilion installation will be at the Expo through March 31, 2022.