The use of a signature scent in spa surroundings creates an olfactory memory for guests based on their relaxing experience and is a great way for a spa to create an emotional connection with clients.

As Sandra Barvaux, VP of Air Care at Prolitec, explains, “The importance of getting your scent ‘right’ is supported by research showing that a brand’s scent can be a more powerful element than its logo. It’s more memorable and effective in communicating a brand message than a visual, sound, or touch.”

Sandra is right. A 2001 study by University Hospital Zurich found that scent is the best sensory cue for pleasant memories. Subjects in the experiment were asked to produce a list of words that one can smell and that one can hear, then to rate each of their words based on pleasantness.

Remarkably, the experiment found that not only the subjects in the experiment, but an additional independent group also rated the words related to scent as significantly more pleasant than words conjured by any of the other senses. It’s clear that scent is a universal aid in recalling positive memories.

What does this mean for businesses looking to forge a personal connection with their clients? If you’re not appealing to your customers’ sense of smell, you’re missing out on sales.

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