Ensure your healthcare facility has a pleasant atmosphere

The right scent is a breath of fresh air.

We help you create the perfect mood and turn your space into an enhanced brand experience that welcomes and comforts people.


Create a soothing atmosphere that takes away stress.

“Ambient scent can reduce anxiety, improve mood and increase calmness.”

University of Vienna, 2000

Did you know?

Fragrance has been proven to reduce anxiety in patients undergoing medical procedures by 63%.

Ambient scent is a cost effective way to significantly improve healthcare atmospheres—reducing stress, elevating mood, and improving the reassuring sense of cleanliness.

Premium Scenting works with global ambient scent technology company, Prolitec, and world leading fragrance house, Firmenich, to create safe, sustainably-sourced scent experiences. With computer-controlled, IoT technology, the diffusion is hypoallergenic and adheres to the strictest global safety standards.

Emory Healthcare  is the largest healthcare system in the state of Georgia, in the US, with ten hospitals, the Emory Clinic, and more than 250 provider locations.

In 2018 they added Prolitec scenting service to create a clean, inviting, and soothing atmosphere.  Crisp Breeze fragrance was chosen for four emergency room centers to test the scent effect on the care environment.

After trialing the scent for six months, Emory conducted surveys and found that the scented areas enjoyed a 3X improvement on their cleanliness score, attributed to the scent as there were no changes to the cleaning regimen.


Prolitec’s AirQ® technology is the most sophisticated, computer-controlled precision system.

Microdroplet Technology creates fine droplets of fragrance about one micron in size – making our systems considered hypoallergenic.

Scent intensity is programmed into the machine to adjust for demands based on days-of-the-week, peak times, etc.

AirQ® adheres to the strictest global safety standards: US, California, EPA VOC, IFRA, RIFM, TSCA, OSHA.


Prolitec commissioned independent lab testing for our fragrance delivery systems.  The results showed no residue after 10 hours of constant diffusion at level 20.

Test parameters:

4 separate fragrances tested

Diffuser played at intensity 20 in a room 16’ x 54’

Clean mirror was placed directly below the diffuser

Mirror was inspected at the end of each 10-hour test

Prolitec diffusers passed every test – leaving no residue.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we chose a fragrance partner that shares our values. 

Firmenich is the largest private fragrance and flavor company in the world.  They enjoy the prestigious AAA rating by the CDP for two years running for climate change, water security, and forests, one of only six companies worldwide.  They produce fragrances in operations with 100% renewable electricity and zero manufacturing waste-to-landfill, worldwide.


Our system is maintenance-free.

We conduct routine inspections, repairs and/or replacement of diffusion appliances.

We program scent levels and adjust as needed.

We take care of all scent cartridge replacement.

We provide a dedicated account executive and customer care representative.

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