The smoky comfort of a roaring fire. The energizing zing of citrus. The luxury scent of leather books. The sensual lushness of a gardenia blossom.

All these evocative aromas — and more — can be diffused in hotel spaces to communicate a brand’s message as scent experience or “scent logo.”

In the past few years, hoteliers have caught on that scenting their spaces with unique, tailored scents that evoke an aesthetic, ethos or intended experience, is a powerful addition to the more common methods of visual and auditory branding.

Using relaxing scents at a wellness hotel, accords that evoke luxury items like leather and woods at a boutique hotel, or citrus scents at a hotel for adventure tourists are just some examples of how a hotel can deploy the power of scent to enhance and reinforce its brand.

Hotels have many ways of distinguishing themselves, but one of the most powerful, emotional, and memorable ways is through the sense of smell. Diffusing a unique scent in hotel lobbies and conference rooms — thanks to the language of scent we intuitively know how to read and enjoy — can create a sense of well-being, alertness, or even an ineffable feeling of luxury.

The sense of smell, as it’s oft-repeated, is our most visceral sense, hitting us directly in the emotional centers of our brains. What’s more, we remember those emotional experiences in a more enduring way, as those emotional areas of our brains are connected to memory centers.

In addition to helping to create brand memory and loyalty, ambient scent branding can even provide an additional revenue stream, as some hotel visitors want to take back home a scent memory of their wonderful stay in portable forms like perfume, or candles.

The best hotels create carefully constructed experiences that induce particular mood states. And although we’re more familiar with visual and auditory design — and even the experience of impeccable customer service — scent adds a layer of magic to the hotel experience.

At Prolitec, we work with world-class master perfumers to help you translate your hospitality brand into a customized scent. We can also dispense that scent throughout your space in the most technologically sophisticated way, through our patented AirQ diffusion delivery system already in place in 83 countries and more than 75,000 installations.

Thanks to Prolitec, scent — adjustable and uniform — is dispensed in a space with an effect just as the perfumer intended.

Every hotel can create an experience, but with Prolitec’s ambient scenting, you can create magic.